Ken Brady

ken_bradyKen Brady

Ken Brady was raised in Hardeman County near a small community called Roger Springs, Tennessee. His first paid job was working for his father caring for registered Black Angus cattle when 11 years old. He understood the value of work as a means of earning money. He continued to learn from the life experiences of working dawn to dusk six days each week. Being dependable and responsible were imprinted in his character.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Engineering Curriculum at Tennessee Technological University. At Tennessee Tech he met his future wife, Lee Anne Crox. Both Ken and Lee Anne were scheduled to graduate in August 1978. Ken chose to work for Liberty Mutual Insurance Group as a Loss Control Representative over two other offers from manufacturers to become an industrial engineer. He started one week after graduation.

They married in October 1978 two months after graduating from Tennessee Tech. Ken’s graduation from a university was the first in three generations for both his father’s and mother’s families. Ken and Lee Anne started their family living in Louisville KY. Ken’s promotional opportunities at Liberty Mutual came four different times moving to four cities in Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The last move was to Memphis TN. Ken changed vocations from Loss Control to Business Sales while working in the Memphis office. He was the Office Manager and Senior Executive for Commercial Sales.

Liberty Mutual decided to add another Sales Executive in Commercial Sales for the Memphis branch. Mark Sharpe decided to join the Memphis team.

Ken and Mark have worked in a close relationship since 1997. They decided to form Corporate Insurance Group two years later starting the independent insurance agency August 1999.

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