Commercial Property Insurance

Corporate Insurance Group has adapted to the constant change and uncertainty in the Commercial Property Insurance market. We bring consistency with a combined 60 plus years of experience, partnerships with leading insurance carriers, in-depth knowledge of the markets, thorough service, and quick turnaround times. Corporate Insurance Group has strategically selected direct access to leading insurance companies and wholesale insurance brokers throughout the United States that best represent the needs of our clients.

We have extensive experience insuring artisan contractors, manufacturing companies, home health agencies, restaurants, auto repair centers, apartments, churches, non-profits, as well as main street type business.
Commercial Property Insurance typically covers the building and business contents that are specifically described in the wording of the policy. In the case of loss from any of the covered losses on the Commercial Property Insurance policy, insurance provides the financial assistance to rebuild or repair the business property so that the business can continue with as little disruption as possible.

With many of our partnered insurance carriers, they will include in their property policy additional types of coverage not normally thought of. Commercial Property Insurance can include loss due to perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, wind, hail, earthquake, tornado, flood, and even losses due to terrorism.

When it comes to Commercial Property Insurance, coverages may include buildings, business personal property, business income, business interruption, data or records, computer virus protection, crime, off premises property protection, mechanical breakdown, boiler and machinery, debris removal, builder’s risk, glass breakage, inland marine, ordinance of law, and fire legal.

Insurance carriers price Commercial Property Insurance using a number of determining factors. Pricing factors include the type of construction, age of building, condition of property, location, and the fire protection which could include not only the fire department but whether the building is close to fire hydrants, has a sprinkler system, or has a fire alarm system that is monitored.

Corporate Insurance Group has a variety of options to meet your Commercial Property Insurance needs.

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